Hi Howdy, we know that SEO is the best platform for increasing website traffic.today we are going to know about SEO.there have some query you need to understanding this following below:

* Improve design and development forsearch trafic

* improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search

* how search engine algorithm work

above list i was show there some basic knowledge of search engine
optimization.it’s means you need to do the following list of search engine.you need to know how search engine work for Crawling a website.in this tutorial i will show you but you need to read this article carefully.


search engine have robots and algorithm look like math.it perform several activities in order to deliver search results.when they
find related query into your website and they also read your content and finding valuable (Unique) post,if they get unique post related by search result then they search others website like your website.if they found others website have content that users searches for and the article match with your article,search engine use there algorithm to find which site submitted this post first.if they found your website in this algorithm that proved your site article is not unique but they found other website that published this post first then search engine show the result in search section others website.because of you was copy this original website post into your website you search engine pick you next page or last page,but can’t come to the first page if you are using copy past method.


write a content using your soul and
make a post that not published yet any others website ago.start your blogging without copy past,improve your mind to writing article with your own

Below I’m going to show you some activity around the search engine,just follow this instructions and make your website visible into search engine first page.

* Crawling – crawling is a fact of search results.it’s perform and crew your website using googlebot, crawler and spider (Google).

* Indexing – when search engine start indexing a website content they also read your content and fetch into there database.any type of website indexing into google database.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo! often update their relevancy algorithm dozens of times per month. When you see changes in your rankings it is due to an
algorithmic shift or something else outside of your control.


Seo copyrighting is a great fault for a developers or bloggers.google such as yahoo, bing etc search engine rule right now that you can’t copy others website content and you can’t post the copied post into your website.if you use copy past method you are going down.if you don’t know search engine copyright rules just visit google updated Duplicate Content Rules. after read this hope you are understand the SEO Copyright Policy.Along with viewable text, SEO copywriting usually optimizes other on-page elements for the targeted search terms. These include the Title, Description, Keywords tags, headings, and alternative text.The idea behind SEO copywriting is that search engines want genuine content pages and not additional pages often called “doorway pages” that are created for the sole purpose of achieving high rankings.


it a summer name of SEO,the full name of SEO = Search Engine Optimization. I’m trying to make such as more tutorials
around search engine optimization.so wait
for my next post about search engine optimization.