If you are not new on Facebook then you must have encountered pages and posts on it fairly often. While browsing through the plethora

If you've decided that you’re done with Facebook, you're not alone — in recent years, an increasing number of users have opted to drop

Hi friends welcome to Trickslogic. Today I am going to tell you about How to check who viewed your facebook profile. We all know

Facebook groups are best place for any discussion with your unique choice friends or other members. No one from outside can interfere in group

How To Use Single Name on Facebook Profile. Now a days facebook tricks are very popular. So we have brought a new facebook trick.

If you are like millions out there, Facebook has become your no. 1 website on the Web. As you login to it every single

Facebook have a big and helpful services that most people doesn't know it.today i will show you how to recover compromised facebook account.may be

The new Facebook Timeline for pages is here. You can hold off until 30 March 2012, but if you want to change over now,