Facebook have a big and helpful services that most people doesn’t know it.today i will show you how to recover compromised facebook account.may be an account is compromised by viruse,malawer or hacked by someone.

Recover hacked facebook account - ifSad


If you think your facebook account is hacked, someone is accessing your account without your permission or attaced by viruse/malawer you can use this method to recover your account.

Steps to recover fb account.

1. To recover your account visit http://facebook.com/hacked

2. After the page is loaded click to continue for recovering

3. After that it will redirect you to login page then enter your ‘phone or email’ that you use to login and enter ‘password’ that you remember(it must be used it on facebook to login to your facebook account)

4. After login it will show some texts that helpful to secure your account then click untill you reach password changing page.

5. Then it will ask you to create a new password for your account. enter password and click

6. After you enter a new password you will be redirect to next steps to check recently added apps,recent activities if you haven’t done any of then you can delete from your account by check on it.

7. Finally step you will asked to get login alert or not if your account is logged from new browser. setup by your choice.

8. Now you have recovered your account. Enjoy

Thank you