Robi & Airtel Offer 1GB 30 TK and nil.5 Paisa Title Worth any Robi & Airtel amount. All Robi and Airtel Prepaid shoppers are eligible to revel in 1GB Internet 30 TK and nil.5Paisa any Airtel and Robi amount. Are you to be informed Robi & Airtel Darun Offer? If certain, Be informed the overall article.

Robi & Airtel Offer 1GB 30 TK, Robi & Airtel Free SIM and 0.5 Paisa Call Rate Offer

Robi & Airtel On-net Title Worth offer 0.5Paisa in line with 2nd:

  • To activate this Explicit identify fee offer, Robi and Airtel shoppers need Dial *123*25#.
  • This 0.5 paisa/sec (30p/min, 1 sec pulse) offer available for Robi – Robi, Robi – Airtel, Airtel – Robi, Airtel – Airtel.
  • The validity of On-net Title Worth offer All over advertising marketing campaign period.
  • Consumers use Title fee offer 24 hours.

Robi & Airtel 1GB Internet 30 TK Offer:

  • To activate Robi 1 GB @ 30 TK Internet pack, Airtel and Robi shoppers wish to Dial a USSD Code *123*025#.
  • Consumers can use this Robi & Airtel Explicit knowledge 24 hours.
  • The validity of Airtel & Robi 1 GB internet 30 TK package 3 days.
  • Consumers can activate this pack only one time during the offer period.
  • To check Robi 1 GB Internet offer final steadiness, Robi shoppers need Dial  *123*3*5# and Airtel Consumers need *778*18#.
  • VAT + SD + SC can be suitable.

Robi-Airtel Unfastened SIM Offer or Robi Jora SIM Offer:

  • If you buy a brand spanking new Robi SIM, You’ll be able to get 1 Airtel SIM for Unfastened.
  • If you buy a brand spanking new Airtel SIM, You’ll be able to get 1 Robi SIM for Unfastened.
  • Get the Unfastened SIM, Consumers must be need registration each and every SIM an identical NID and An identical Retail outlet.

Robi & Airtel Offer 1GB 30 TK, Robi & Airtel Unfastened SIM and nil.5 Paisa Title Worth Offer Words and Must haves:

  • The Robi and Airtel purchaser are eligible to use this identify fee offer for all FnF, super FnF and Priyo numbers.
  • 1 second pulse can be suitable.
  • To Enjoy Robi & Airtel Unfastened SIM, Consumers need recharge 50 TK in each and every SIM.
  • The Robi & Airtel advertising marketing campaign will run until further perceive.
  • After the explicit tariff validity period, the previous offer/package will re-apply.

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