How To Unlock Pattern Lock in Your Android Phone Without Losing Data. Forget pattern lock is common think. If you have locked your android phone with pattern or pin and now forget it and you can’t unlock your device then simply follow below truck to unlock your locked android device without losing your data.


How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Your Android

It is a good thing to set a password lock on Android Phones for your privacy and protect your Data from others. You must change your Pattern lock more often. If you change your lock too many times, there is a possibility that you will forget your Pattern Lock. So in this case you want to unlock pattern lock on your device. As you know, for unlock pattern lock you need to hard reset your device, if you do so your, all data will loose. So in this Tutorial, I will tell you how to get into a locked Android phone with simple trick without losing your Data.

Pre Requirements :

  • Required PC – Make sure that you have successfully installed drivers in your PC for your android device if you don;t have drivers then download and install your device’s suitable driver.
  • Make sure that you have successfully installed a custom recovery in your android device like CWM, TWRP. If you don’t know how to install it then simply google it.


Steps – How To Unlock Pattern Lock In Your Android

  • First Install USB Drivers for your smartphones, you can find it on google quickly. Every device has different USB drivers. If you can not find USB drivers for your device from Google, then simply comment below I will provide you the download link of USB Drivers of your device.


  • Now flash a custom recovery like TWRP, CWM etc. in your Device. (if you already have then leave this step)

twrp pattern unlock

  • Now reboot your phone into recovery mode with the help of Key Combination. Remember that every device has different Key Combination for Goto Recovery Mode. (eg. press all buttons together)Samsung Galaxy Recovery Mode


  • Then Download Fastboot drivers from here and After Download Above Fastboot Drivers, Extract Zip file, and Go to The Folder which you have extracted. You will see some files in the folder.

android pattern unlock

  • After your Device Successfully Reboot phone into Custom Recovery and Click on “Mounts and Storage” option.
  • Now click on  “mount /data/” Option, and it will mount data folder from your Device.

cwm unlock pattern lock

  • Now open fastboot drivers folder which you downloaded from above, in which you will also see some files.
  • Press and hold right shift button, right click on anywhere in blank space of folder and select “Open Command Window Here”.

unlock pattern lock without data loss

  • Now After that enter this command for making sure your device is attached properly to PC

Adb devices

rm /data/system/gesture.key

unlock pattern lock without data loss

  • And now reboot your phone normally, from Recovery mode directly you will see Reboot Option.
  • Now you will not see any pattern lock you will see swipe lock screen if you are still getting an option of Pattern, then simply Draw any Random Pattern, and it will unlock your Device.
  • Now it will Successfully unlock pattern lock From your Device, without losing Data. I Have Tested this method with Micromax Unite 2, and it’s working fine. If you have any issues or suggestions, then you can simply comment below.

Note – I am not responsible for any Damage to your Phone While Following This Guide.

Final Words :

So friends this is the full guide for How To Unlock Pattern Lock in Your Android Phone Without Losing Your Data. By this trick you can easily unlock your pattern lock without losing your data. It is seen that this trick is very useful to us. Hope you guys like this trick. Share this trick with your friends if you like this trick.